Supporting A Great Cause
July 1, 2014

Jubilee’s Ridgeway General Manager, Jon Burson, recently got locked up for a good cause.  Jon participated in the Memphis MDA Lock-Up event where he was “arrested” and needed to make bail by raising money for the Memphis Muscular Dystrophy Association.  Jon became a Jailbird and was able to be set free with the donations he received for the MDA.  It’s a fantastic cause and a really great event.  See Jon being “arrested” below and see the comment sent into Five Guys by someone who will benefit from Jon’s good will.



I would just like to take the time and thank you and your company for your support this week with the Memphis MDA. My husband and I have a son who has lived with this disease for his whole life.I met one of your employees at the jail they had set up for the Lock-Up event. He told me that your company comprised a large portion of the donations he received. Which made my husband and I even happier because we love to eat their. Best fast food burgers ever. 

This is not the main reason I am writing you though. While speaking with your employee I made a passing comment about how my husband loves to fish and how our son is unable to go with him. He offered to take my husband and son out fishing and promised that my son would be able to catch a fish. He showed my husband how to set up the fishing pole so my son could cast it and reel it in by himself with his wheelchair. I have never seen my husband cry until he heard the joy coming from our son after catching his first brim. My husband offered to pay him for everything but he said that is not what your company was about. He left us speechless. In these times where companies are cutting back and tightening their purse strings its nice to know that their are still some that care about everyone around them. Thank you so much for everything. Bless you.